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Donegall Road Primary School, Belfast

W5 Seismic Citizenship Programme

25th Jan 2018

Today, the P6 children continued their study of South America, as part of the Seismic Citizenship Programme, funded by the British Council and hosted by W5.  

Elaine, from W5, visited the class again to teach the children about earthquakes and tsunamis.  The children made the 5 layers of the earth using plasticine and cut through their creations to examine the core of the earth. Elaine used crackers to help the children understand the plates of the earth.  Our South American student, Paulina, was able to Skype us in the classroom and the children were able to ask her what it was like to be in an earthquake.  Finally, the children investigated how to create skyscrapers that could withstand an earthquake.  After building their first structure, the children got to reinforce their buildings before they were tested again. Every skyscraper passed the final earthquake test and the children made structures to be very proud of.