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Donegall Road Primary School, Belfast


Principal Mrs M. Johnston
Head of Key Stage 1 Mrs J. Curran & Mrs N. Connolly  (Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection)
Head of Key Stage 2 Miss D. Greer  (Designated Teacher for Child Protection)
Secretary Mrs A. McCabe


Teaching Staff
Primary 1 Miss S. Wilkinson
Primary 2 Mrs J. Curran/Mrs P. Capener
Primary2/3 Miss N. Nixon
Primary 3 Mrs S. Wallace
Primary 4 Miss G. McMullan
Primary 5 Mrs J. Annette & Mrs A. Nixon 
Primary 6 Mrs R. Johnston
Primary 6 Mrs C. Butler
Primary 7 Mrs A. Haugh
SENCO Mrs E. Clements/Mrs T. Ford
Numeracy Support Mrs G. Doak
Nurture Den Miss D. Greer


Classroom Assistants
Primary 1 Mrs J. Priestley & Miss A. Bell
Primary 2 Mrs A. Hamilton
Primary 2/3 Mrs S. Johnston
Primary 3 Miss C. Rea
Primary 4 Mrs S. Irvine  
Primary 5 Miss R. Atcheson & Mrs R. Cano
Primary 6 Mrs D. Reid
Primary 6/7 Miss E. Stewart & Ms C. Magill 
Primary 7 Miss E. Ward & Miss N. Murphy
Nurture Den  


Caretaker Mrs R. Rosbotham
Cleaners Mrs P. Mehaffy & Mrs V. Watt
School Patrol Crossing Mrs M. Walker & Mr E. Burns
Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs C. Hall, Mrs A. Brown, Mrs A. Hamilton & Mrs J. Robinson

Kitchen Staff Mrs E. Malseed, Mrs H. Quigley
Breakfast Club Mrs A. Dale, Mrs C. Hall, Mrs A. Brown & Mrs J. Robinson